Godden Tech Page

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Godden Engines

All engines 500cc SOHC 4-valve's unless otherwise noted.

MK1 -1978

MK2 -1981

MK3 -1983

MK4 -1984

MK5 -1985 revised 1987-89

MAX -1986 revised 1990

MAGNUM -1991

Laydown MAX and MAGNUM

engines are available today, can be seen in grasstrack events.



Godden Front Ends

Telescopic forks - Traditional fork design and operation, stamped "GODDEN". Available in chrome(stiff) and nickel-plated(flex).

Leading Link - 1990 - Godden designed, stamped "GODDEN", available in chrome. This has a small shock absober to better dampen the front suspension.

Godden Frames

Side port - Available in the 1960's and mid 1970's, stamped DGS, very popular for that time with JAP's and 2-valve JAWA's. Carb mounted at an angle to the riders right, air cleaner sticks out to right side.

Center-port - 1979-90's - Designed for 4-valve heads, allows carb to give straighter shot into intake. Carb and air cleaner hide under seat. Available in chrome(stiff) and nickle-plated(flex).

Piggly-Wiggly - A center-port design, but uses a bent single tube that curves to the riders left. Great handling diamond, very sought after. Available in chrome(stiff) and nickle-plated(flex).

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